Medieval team building training

Various command posts are installed for the duration of the competition. Each team visits each command post moving from one to another. The competition is organised and evaluated by knights and the mistresses of the Castle.

Team captains are given a competition sheet and on this sheet it is indicated that the team has started at which command post and which station they need to visit next. The achieved scores are also recorded on this sheet.

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Team building

Possible events:

  1. Archery
  2. Battle star throwing
  3. Axe throwing
  4. Canon ball throwing – canon pulling competition
  5. Learning how to saddle a horse and presentation of the learnt skill (with the help of an equerry)
  6. Poem to the Mistress of the Castle

Once the presenter shows the task, guests get one test and 2 real shots. The competition duration is about 1 to 1.5 hours.

The points achieved by the team are added up and the presenter records the total score on the travelling warrant of the team.

The Captain gives a prize to the winning team!

Current offers

Current offers

A great way to relax in any season.

Summertime in Sümeg

Summertime in Sümeg

From 35 900 HUF / Person / Night