Something traditionel: King Saint László Restaurant

Our hotel features a great restaurant entitled King Saint László Restaurant with a great historical and a capacity of 150 people The Restaurant gives an excellent taste of ancient traditional and contemporary healthy gourmet dishes as well as specialties of the international cuisine. Quality Hungarian and international drinks are offered to ensure a culinary experience.

Something atmospheric and mellow: Museum Restaurant

Our recently renovated Museum Restaurant with a capacity of 200 to 250 people offers an atmospheric venue for your meals featuring carbines with splendid carved work and sabres on the walls of the hall.

Something really Hungarian: Castle-Inn (Várcsárda)

If you would like to take a rest after travelling and before occupying your room at the hotel, or if you need something truly Hungarian, pop into the Várcsárda located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Here, you can have a rich meal of local dishes accompanied by some good wines in the shade of walnut trees in the summer or close to the warmth of the tiled stove in the winter.

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Something really special: Knight's Hall

The Knight’s Hall suitable for accommodating up to 400 people is located beneath the Castle Inn. It offers an ideal venue for weddings or similar larger-sized events. Medieval, tournaments and other entertainment programs are available for an even more exciting experience. Stables and a farmyard built around the Castle Inn gives and insight to the Hungarian breeds of domestic animals.

Öreg Kapitány (Old Captain) Tavern 

We await our guests with fine hungarian fine wines, schnapps and refreshing delicacies. If you are in the Castle, do not miss it.

Current offers

Current offers

A great way to relax in any season.

Summertime in Sümeg

Summertime in Sümeg

From 35 900 HUF / Person / Night