Hand- and foot care

Hand treatment or manicure refers to the pampering, grooming and embellishment of hands and nails.

  • 30 minutes HUF 4 900

If your nails are weakened and damaged, Japanese manicure is an excellent solution to naturally strengthen your nails and provide them with an excellent natural shine. The name comes from Japan, where the Japanese aristocracy used this ancient and secret nail treatment procedure. Exclusively natural ingredients and materials are used during the treatment, as after a classic manicure treatment beeswax is massaged into the nails.

  • 40 minutes HUF 5 900

The treatment offers noticeable smoothness, hydration. If you tried it once, you will want to feel this sensation again. The treatment is based on the extreme heat retaining characteristics of paraffin. The treatment opens the pores, improves blood circulation and strengthens the conjunctive tissues enabling the penetration and absorption of hydrating lotion treatments. As a result dry, rough and chipped skin becomes soft, smooth and firm again.

  • 50 minutes HUF 6 900
  • HUF 1 200

Classic pedicure

  • 40 min: 7 500 HUF

Once we are done with our hand treatment, don’t forget about the beauty and health of your feet. Our feet get a lot of use during our life, so they also deserve attention. Foot care or pedicure also involves the pampering, rehydration and refreshment of your feet. Foot massage improves blood circulation and offers a pleasant experience for both body and soul. Enhance the beauty of your feet by nail polishing!

Pedicure DeLux

  • 50 min: 9 400 HUF

First of all we remove the dead and hardened skin cells using an algae peeling, which is followed by a pampering foot bath with algae and sea salt. Painstaking classic pedicure is essential part of the treatment. The comprehensive treatment is finished by hot paraffin foot treatment. As a result of the treatment your skin is rejuvenated, blood circulation improves and your walk becomes light-footed, easy and fitter.

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Current offers

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Summertime in Sümeg

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