General Terms and Conditions

1. Datas of the Service Provider

Business name:

2. General rules

2.1  The General Hotel Terms and Conditions (henceforth: GTC) summarizes the contractual content on the basis of which HOT-ÉP Ltd. (8330, Sümeg, Tóth Tivadar Street 19. henceforth: Service provider) concludes contract with it’s customers for use of accommodations and services.

2.2  Individual conditions are not part of that GTC, but do not rule out the conclusion of special agreements with a travel agency, organizers, on occasion with other terms and conditions appropriate to the particular business.

2.3  The guest acknowledges the rules summarised in the GTC and unless otherwise agreed, this is considered to be relevant.

3. Contracting party

3.1  The guest uses the services provided by the Service provider.

3.2  If the guest places an order for the services directly at the Service provider, the guest will be the contracting party. The Service provider and the guest will be together contracting parties, if the conditions are met (henceforth: Contracting parties).

3.3  If a third party behalf on the guest (henceforth: Mediator) places an order to the Service provider, the concluded contract between the Service provider and the Mediator will regulate the cooperation conditions. In this case, the Service provider is not required, but entitled to analyse, that whether the third party legally represents the guest.

4. Contractual legal relation

4.1  For call for an offer of the guest sent orally or in writing the Service provider sent an offer. If the Service provider do not get order within 72 hours of sending, the offer validity of the Service provider will breake off. The guest could accept the sended price quotation as long as there is freely from the recommended room type. We can not reserve the rooms.

4.2  The contract is created by in writing sended confirmation by the Service provider for the booking of the guest verbally or in writing and it therefore counts as a written contract. Oral reservation, agreement, modification or verbal confirmation of that by the Service provider do not mean it is a contract. Rooms are sold depending on available capacity, the Service provider reconfirms the booking in the order of arrival. 4.3 The order have to contain the name, adress and availability of the customer, number of arrival person, the punctual date of arrival and departure, the room type, moreover, the punctual apellation of the services. The content of the contract covers the subject- matter, place, time, and price of the service, furthemore, it contains the payment and cancelling condotions.

The contract of accommodation-service has a limited period.

Basic hotel services


The hotel provides half board with buffet breakfast and dinner for hotel guests in the opening hours. You can bring out food/drink from the restaurant just with the prior permission of the restaurant manager. There is opportunity for individual eating needs on the basis of prior agreement.


The wellness-services are available with in compliance with the rules of prescription of Wellness section. The hotel regulations is founded posted on the site. Advance check-in is necessary for using of massages, cosmetic and hair services. There is opportunity for cancellig 24 hours before the ordered service, after this the Service provider could charge cancellation fee.

Leisure activity

The hotel provides information about the program offers and their current prices when you are booking the accommodation or during your stay. The programs are indicated on website, moreover, in the prospectus of the hotel. Some programs of the Hot-ÉP Ltd. start at a specified minimum number. The hotel reserves the right to change the program. The guests can participate ont he program at their own risk.

5. Method and the conditions of using of the service

5.1  The Guest may check in from 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival ( Check in) and check out until 11:00 a.m. on the last day of staying (Check out) except the Service Provider allow for the Party after a preliminary talking to come earlier (Early check in). The current price list is contains the price of the early check in and the late check out.

5.2  In case of the Guest does not arrive at the agreed day to 24 o’clock, the Service Provider has right to withdraw from the contract – except if a later date of arrival has been stipulated-, and by this a penalty payment obligation takes effect which is defined in the cancellation conditions. If the guest occupies the room at the day of arrival before 10:00 p.m., he/she has to pay the price of the previous night to the Service Provider.

5.3  The guests would accept the General Terms and Conditions of the Hotel Kapitány and abide by that if they accept the written offer sent by the Service Provider, takes note of the booking confirmation, furthermore, sign on site or pre online sent notification form.

5.4  The information which are important during the stay you can find in A-Z room folders which are in the room.

6. Prices


6.2 The Service Provider has the right to define their prices in HUF and in any other convertible currency.

6.3 The Service Provider agrees to publish the currently room prices and the currently special offer, discount on the site which is operated by the Hotel. The Hotel markets their services by intermediaries as well. Due to other factors, the prices of the services can differs in the same time from the prices using during the discount. The guests are not entitled to make a complaint about it because the prices which are defined in the concluded contract by them are applicable to them.

6.4 Our prices can change depending on available capacity and duration of stay or room types.

The room prices (rack rates) of the Hotel are posted in the Hotel’s rooms and at the reception desk. The price lists of other services are available at the specific divisions of the Hotel (restaurant/ drinkbar, wellness).

6.5 Hot-Ép Ltd. reserves the right to change the prices. The Service Provider has the right to change the advertised price without prior notification. This does not apply to prices quoted in the price offer in force and confirmed in writing.

6.6 The prices which are given by the Hot-Ép Ltd. contain the valid VAT in each cases. The Hot-Ép Ltd. devolves for the Party the additional burdens due to the amendment of the VAT Act in force, with advance notice. The accommodation fees do not contain the tourist tax, which is payable on the site.

7. Modification of the order

There is an option in writing for the replacement of finalized and confirmed bookings, exchange of room types or modification the number of person depending on currently price in force, furthermore, depending on the available capacity.

8. Offers, discounts

8.1  The advertised discounts are always for indiviudal room booking.

8.2  The Hotel provides for our frequenters 10% discount from the accommodation cost of their next reservation within the captain card program. The conditions of the usability are indicated on the website of the Hotel.

8.3  The advertised discounts may be not combined with other discount.

8.4  The Service Provider settles conditions laid down in an individual contract in case of booking of the product of the Service Provider subject to special conditions, group travel or events.

9. Room rate

The package price applies to standard room accommodation. There is possibility to require higher type of room for an additonal fee, depending ont he available capacity.

In case of single room reservation (one person pay in the room), 70% of the double price is charged.

Discount for children

The Service Provider provides discount for the guests who appear with children. The hotel indicates the rate of the discount on the hotel website.
In case of accommodation with parents in a room

  • 0-4 of age the rate of the discount 100%
  • 4-7 of age the rate of the discount 50%
  • There is possibility for placement of spare bed or crib in some cases.

Conditions of cancellation and advance payment rules

The ordered services can be cancelled beyond 7 days prior to arrival without penalty payment obligations. In case of the cancellation within 7 days before the arrival, the customer has to pay the 50 % of the confirmed total amount.

In case if the cancellation happens at the day of arrival or the guest arrives within the confirmed period of stay at an earlier day or in case of early departure, he/she would be bound to pay the 100% of the confirmed total amount. There is no need for advance payment.

Summer and Special and festive conditions of cancellation and advance payment rules

In case of booking of festive package, we provide possibility for modification or cancellation the reservation up to 14 days prior to arrival without penalty payment obligations. In case of cancellation within 14 days before the arrival, the customer has to pay the 100% of the confirmed total amount. In case of cancellation within 14 days, the Service Provider does not refund the advance payment, the amount is not available.

Advance payment: There is need advance payment for the confirm of the reservation. You have to pay the 50% of the total amount within 5 working days of booking by advance payment. In case of free cancellation, the Service Provider does not refund the paid advance payment but the amount is usable within 6 months depending on capacity. The Service Provider issues an advance payment bill about the received amount.

9.1 The customer have to communicate the cancellation in writing with the Service Provider. In case of online booking, if the guest reserves accommodation on the own website of the hotel, there would be possibility to cancell the reservation by answer for the confirm. In case of booking at one of our partners (,,,, there is need for delete the reservation on the given booking website.

9.2 The cancellation conditions are current for individual reservations. In case of groups, events and conferences, conditions provided for in the contract are current.
9.3 In case of unique and special offers, the cancellation conditions will be according to the given terms in the contract. The Service Provider reserves the right to lay down other conditions in individual contract in cases of special offer, group travel or events, unlike the above cases.

9.4 There is no possibility to refund the amount of the unutilized services (accommodation, meal, treatments), which was booked but the guest did not use during her/his stay.

10. Method of the payment, guarantee

10.1. The Service Provider indicates the total amount of the ordered services for the whole of the stay, in the written confirmation sent by him for the guest.

10.2. The Service Provider claims the amount of the services which are provided for the Party at latest after using before the Party leaves the Hotel. The amount of the ordered services is payable with cash, bank card and in cases of domestic hotels – compliance with current legislation – with SZÉP card. There is opportunity for additional payment as well under a specific agreement, with bank transfer for the bank account of the Hotel equal tot he value of the services which are used. Voucher issued by the Hotel and/or contracted partner is acceptable ont he basis of a separate agreement.

10.3. The Service Provider is entitled to ask credit card guarantee, furthermore, advance payment of the payable amount or a part of it because of the contractual use of the services and paying of the amount.

10.4. Party can even out the bill in HUF. The Service Provider accepts EUR for account settlement purposes. The conversion and invoicing happen according to the valid foreign exchange selling price of the account manager bank of the Service Provider the guest’s arrival day or according to a pre-determined exchange rate published and accessible to the guest by the Service Provider. In cases of paying with EUR in cash, the Service Provider pay the amount of the change in HUF.

10.5. Costs related to the use of any means of payment charge the Parties and their SZÉP card/credit card.

10.6. The guest can evens out the room account for the services used during the stay, at the reception, where the colleagues of the Service Provider make a bill according to the legislation on invoicing.

11. Pets

11.1. We can welcome pet at the accommodation only after prior consultation, limited number and subject to spare capacity, in parquet room. Pets are allowed with the guest’s control in the hotel area, they can use the public rooms only for approach of rooms. The current price list contains the pets’s additional fee.

11.2. Guest is in charge of damages which are made by pet, furthermore, she/he has to pay the amount of extra cleaning on the site.


  • Stay in the hotel only pet vaccinated againts rabies and with health book

  • The hotel welcomes only housebroken dog and cat, for a special service fee, in non-carpet rooms designated for that purposein

  • You can place maximum two pets per room at the same time

  • Food supply and other equipment are not provided for pets, the guest must take care of it

  • Pets are allowed only if their behaviour does not interfere with other guests

  • The use of a leash on the hotel’s premises is mandatory during walking

  • In the hotel’s inner communal areas (restaurant, drinkbar, spa, sauna world, children’s playroom etc.) pets are not allowed for publich health reasons

  • In the hotel’s inner garden walking of pet is not allowed

  • The owner of the pet must clean the excrement immediately, otherwise, a surcharge will be charged

12.Guest’s rights

12.1. The guest is entitled to the intended use of the booked room and the facilities of the accommodation which include the usual service cycle in opening hours according to the specifications.

12.2. Guest can complain at the accommodation during the stay until the time of departure in connection with the fulfilment of the services provided by the Service Provider. The Service Provider takes responsibility for complaint handling which will be send confirmed to the Guest in writing (or recorded by him).

12.3. The Guest’s copyright complaints ends after departure. There is no possibility for subsequent submission of compensation after leaving the accommodation.

13. Guest’s obligations

13.1. The Party has to pay the amount of the ordered services until the date which determined in the contract.

13.2. The Guest has to take care of continuous adult supervision of minors who are under his/her supervision and the children have to behave properly in accordance with the order of the house in the Service Provider’s hotel. Adult parents or attendants staying at the hotel are in charge of damages which made by minors or for other reasons not a person with full legal capacity – whether or not the harmful condact takes place under his/her supervision or outside.

13.3. The Guest has to report at the reception the damage he/she suffered and provide all necessary information to the hotel, which are necessary for clarification of the circumstances of the injury, furthemore, which are important for a possible infringement or criminal proceeding.

13.4. The person causing of damage is fully financially and morally responsible for the caused damage in the Service Provider’s equiment.

13.5. Not allowed to take out or move furniture and appointments from the Hotel.

13.6. Not allowed bring in to the hotel own food or drink, furthemore, the Guest must comply with the current restaurant rules.

13.7. Pursuant to the implementation of the law on the protection of non-smokers year of 1999. in Act XLII. from 1. January of 2012, the hotel is non-smoking establishment. This means that in the locked rooms (including guest rooms), at community areas, furthemore, at the entire open area of the Hotel (including terraces, balconies) smoking is not allowed. The hotel has placed signals calling for compliance with that legislation in the ares covered by the law. The hotel staff are entitled to warn the guest and any person staying in the Hotel for compliance with the law, furthermore, for the cessation of unlawful conduct. Due to the infringing behaviour of the guest and any person staying in Hotel, the Hotel operator is fined by the competent authority on the basis of the legislation referred to. In case of smoking in the room, the Service Provider is entitled to charge extra cleaning fee.

13.8. In case of fire and any detected emergency, the guest has to inform speedly the reception.
Guest’s liability for damage
The Guest is responsible for damages which made by her/him, her/his attendant or by other person under the Guest’s responsibility. The Guest has to pay the amount of the damage for the Service Provider. This opportunity would be availeble if you claim the compensation of the injured party directly from the Service Provider. The liability for damage reach
for all damage to property in the entire comlex.

15. Rights of the Service Provider

15.1. If the guest defaults the payment obligation of the used service or booked service in the contract which did not use but it is liable to penalty, the Service Provider would be entitled to have a lien to secure the claim with the guest’s personal belongings he took with him into the room.

15.2. The reception is entitled to control the chenk-in and check-out guests in the area of the Hotel.

15.3 For reasons of property and accident protection the Hotel’s premises are equipped with security cameras. By entering the hotel, the guest consents to be recorded. The recording are stored in accordance with the laws of the electronic system and will be deleted automatically. 15.4 Different programs are carried out for the entertainment of the Hotel Guests in the area of the Service Provider. Photos and videos of the programmes may be taken by the Service Provider’s staff or by the Service Provider for the purposes of undertaking, marketing and promotion used for this purposes. The guest appearing ont he programmes acknowledges and expressly agrees that the recording of him may be published in publications on various advertising surfaces.

Obligations of the Service Provider

The Service Provider is obliged to:
Liability for damages of the Service Provider

  • The guest visits the premises, and the programs, furthermore, uses the services of the Hotel, in all cases at her/his own risk.
  • The Hotel is responsibleness to every damage which hapenned with the guest because of mistake of the Hotel or the staff.
  • The Hotel is not responsibleness to damages which happened outside the scope of employes or the damage was self-inflicted.
  • The Service Provider is not responsible for damages which happened from inappropriate use
  • Using of the Wellnes section of the Hotel happens at the Guest own risk, the Hotel is not responsible for accidents due to increased risk of sliding.
  • The Guest has to report the damage he/she suffered, and the necessary datas shall be made available to the Hotel which are important for clarification of the circumstances of the injury.
  • The Service Provider is responsible if they taken over for safekeeping the valuables, personal effects and cash.
  • The Service Provider is not responsible to personal items left in rooms (including things and objects placed in a room safe).

The service provider seeks to assert the interests of data protection and privacy rights, but cannot guarantee unrecognition in the recordings. The service provider will not be liable for the release of photos or videos taken by any other guest. The accommodation and other services ordered under the contract shall be performed according to the applicable standards and services. to investigate the guest's written complaint and take the necessary steps to address the problem, which must be recorded in writing.

Cars of Hotel Guests can be placed free in the roofless and not guarded parking of the Hotel. The Service provider is not responsible to cars and objects which are placed in the parking and the damages which arise in those (including for example but not except: car hacking, stealing any object from the car, stealing the car and damages caused by natural phenomena). You have to drive due to the rules of the road int he parking.

Refusal to perform the contract, termination of the service obligation.
The service provider is entitled to terminate the accommodation service contract with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide the services if:

  • the guest does not use the room or the facility or its equipment as intended
  • the guest behaves inappropriately with the security, order and staff of the hotel, rudely, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, shows threatening, abusive or other unacceptable behavior.
  • the guest suffers from an infectious disease.
  • the contractor shall not comply with the obligation to pay the advance provided for in
  • the contract by the specified date.

On social and opinion-sharing sites, you publish debauchery, reprehensible comments, images, information, or in any way violate the personal rights of the hotel, its guests or employees. If the contract between the parties is not fulfilled for reasons of force majeure, the contract shall be terminated.

19. Placement guarantee

19.1. If the hotel of the service provider cannot provide the services covered by the contract because of its own fault (e.g. overcharging, temporary operating problems, etc.), the service provider shall immediately arrange for the accommodation of the guest.

19.2. The Service Provider is obliged to: Offer the services covered by the contract at the agreed price for the period stipulated therein - or until the obstruction is removed-, in another accommodation of the same or higher category. All additional costs of providing replacement accommodation shall be borne by the service provider. In case, the service provider fully complies with these obligations or if the guest has accepted the alternative accommodation offered to him, no subsequent claim for damages shall be made by the contracting party.

20. The guest’s disease and death

The service provider is obliged to fulfil its obligations under the contract in respect of the protection of personal data and the public interest data according to the 1992. LXIII. Act and the provisions of the relevant data protection legislation and if the contractor has act in accordance with the relevant internal rules of the contracting party.

21. Force majeure

The reason or circumstance (for example, war, fire, flood, weather hardship, power shortages, strike) over which the party is not in control (force majeure) shall exempt any party from fulfilling their obligations under the contract, for as long as such reason or circumstance exists. The Parties agree to use their best endeavors to minimize the possibility of these causes and circumstances occurring, for this reason, and the damage or delay thereby caused shall be remedied as soon as possible.

22. Privacy statement

The service provider considers the protection of personal data as a priority in the course of its activities. In all cases, the personal data provided shall be handled, kept safe, and shall take the technical and organisational measures in accordance with the legislation in force, and establish the procedural rules necessary to comply with the relevant legislation. In the course of the activities of the service provider, the service provider uses the data of users solely for the purposes of contract, billing and its own advertising purposes under the Data Protection

Act (if the guest consents to this).
Upon the conclusion of the accommodation contract, the guest accepts that he has read and understood the above terms and conditions and rules and agrees with them. The GTC may be modified later, which will be indicated by the service provider on the hotel's website, and the valid GTC will also be placed at the hotel's reception

23. Miscellaneous provisions

These general terms and conditions 2021. 01. 30. date of entry into force. It shall apply in conjunction with the rules of the specific contracts.

Current offers

Current offers

A great way to relax in any season.

Wellness weekdays

Wellness weekdays

From 27 900 HUF / Person / Night
Wellness weekend

Wellness weekend

From 32 900 HUF / Person / Night


From 35 900 HUF / Person / Night
Summertime in Sümeg

Summertime in Sümeg

From 35 900 HUF / Person / Night